REVIEW: The Cairos – “Whales” and “Fear Of Madness”

Their MySpace page calls them “Post punk/Ambient”, their triple j Unearthed profile calls them “Indie, Pop”. I dunno which is correct, but I do know one thing. They sound good.

This four-piece band hailing from Brisbane, Australia, have recently been given an Artist Spotlight at triple j Unearthed, and they deserve it.

“Whales”, one of the songs found online, features a deep bass riff, mixed with great vocals that seems to fit both the louder chorus and the more rhythmic verses. The rolling drums in the verse are well implemented and work with the bass line. Alistar Richardson’s vocals really stand out on this track at least, and hopefully they’ll be put to the same use on subsequent tracks. They’ve managed to create a catchy chorus with subtle backing vocals and catchy, ambient guitar riffs.

“Fear Of Madness” features a longer introduction than I expected, but once again highlights their talents in using basslines effectively without getting boring. Using a few handclaps in at the start, they manage to get the slow verse moving a bit more. Some (what I assume are) synthesizers are used in the chorus to build it up slightly and separate sections. It builds up quite nicely to a guitar driven section, heavier on the vocals, and is one of those tracks that’s worth listening to all the way through before dismissing. Whilst not being as catchy as “Whales”, “Fear Of Madness” is still a stellar track from such a new band.

With “Lost At Sea” (their EP) scheduled for release on the 16th of May, we have something to look forward to from The Cairos.

While we wait, check out their MySpace (which features both tracks mentioned): The Cairos – Myspace

Also worth a look is their triple j Unearthed page, at which you can download “Whales” for free: The Cairos – triple j Unearthed

Photo found on MySpace page and triple j Unearthed page, no specific artist credited.


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