BRAND NEW: Devoted Few – “Trigger Fingers”

Devoted Few are a band from Sydney, Australia, who’ve just put a new album out, “Baby, You’re A Vampire”.

“Trigger Fingers” has a catchy chord progression, which is joined by a second guitar that has a great complimenting overlaying melody. Hand claps (I think they’re hand claps anyway) are used to a good effect in the verse. The chorus  has another great overlaying melody from the second guitar. The vocals have a gravelly and scratchy kind of sound, but aren’t toneless and dull.

If you’re quick enough, you can grab a free copy of the opening track, “Trigger Fingers”, from here. Otherwise you give their whole album, “Baby, You’re A Vampire” a listen for free via their MySpace page.

Photo found on MySpace page, credited to Warwick Baker.


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