REVIEW: Parades – “Dead Nationale”

This indie/alternative group from Australia (yeah, I find a lot of Australian artists to review) sound pretty good. I’m not gonna go into too much background, but apparently their a 5 piece, contrary to what a few photos show.

“Dead Nationale” sounds different from your normal indie band. It comes in with drums that seem out of place for the melodies and rhythms (which seem kind of Radiohead-like, so it’s no surprise they’ve been compared to them), and the vocals are soft and smooth. Not harsh or fast. It just seems like the song repeats and build up, till a guitar line comes in that truly fits the drums. The guitar drops away and fades out to seemingly finish, before coming back in for a kind of short epilogue.

You can download a free copy of “Dead Nationale” from their triple j Unearthed page, and other songs. The same songs found on their MySpace.

Photo found on MySpace page, no specific artist’s name given, left uncredited.


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