BRAND NEW: The Horrors – “Sea Within A Sea”

I’d heard of The Horrors before, but hadn’t heard their stuff. Apparently, they’re garage rock, punk, deathrock, and post punk. And that means absolutely nothing to me. :S But anyway, they’re British, have been around for a couple of years, and this is a track off their new album, “Primary Colours”.

“Sea Within A Sea” is just short of 8 minutes long, and isn’t very impressive initially. The same riff repeated over and over through the verse, with some creepy sounding effects that drone a bit doesn’t really do it for me. The vocals aren’t exactly catchy, and seem to mumble a bit. Just before halfway in the song there’s a section that differs a bit, and sounds okay like it could be a quite good bridge, and this is where the song picks up. It’s progression to the synth’s riff sounds good, and despite it’s repetition over a fair chunk of the song, it sounds alright, and should be commended for being able to do that. The drums tone down a bit towards the end of the song, allowing the synth to fade out and finish. In my opinion, if the start of the song had been a bit more catchy instead of, well, kinda boring, it’d be a much better song. But it manages to transform into something that’s alright. I dunno, maybe it’ll grow on me. We’ll see.

You can get a free download of “Sea Within A Sea” from the Remote Control Records blog, here. Though they do update it and stuff, so you’ll have to be quick. But hey! Free music. (Edit: Turns out they do update it quickly. You’ll have to listen to “Who Can Say” instead, or look up “Sea Within A Sea” on YouTube. Sorry.) Also – here’s their MySpace page.

The photo was found on The Horrors Wikipedia page, by ELOdry, and is licensed under GNU Free Documentation License.


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