BRAND NEW: 1990’s – “The Box”

1990’s are a three piece “indie rock” band that come from Scotland. “The Box” is a song from their new album, “Kicks”, which should be out now I think. I’d heard “See You at the Lights” before, and it seemed like a pretty good song. It was catchy. So I listened to this with a bit of an idea of what to expect, and I wasn’t disappointed.

“The Box” starts with a cool guitar riff underlayed with some organ-type synth sounds and a strong bass. The vocals are standard rock fare, and the ‘ooh-oohs’ and ‘nah-nahs’ sound good. The drums have a good rolling line, and it sounds like the band have introduced a deep bass synth line in this song but I’m not sure. Anyway, it sounds good. The backing vocals support the main vocals at the right times for a good effect. There’s a pretty good solo in it too. A good song, I really should buy one of their albums or something. Good. Good, good, good, good, good. And good. Quick, someone expand my immediate vocabulary of positive adjectives, dammit!

If you want a free download of “The Box”, you can get it here provided the blog hasn’t been updated with more free music and it taken down. But don’t think it will have. Maybe. I’m not sure. Just go there.

Also – Myspace page.

Photo found on Myspace page, credited to Miss Eleonora.


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