BRAND NEW: The Dirty Secrets – “Transmission”

This is a song off The Dirty Secrets new self-titled album from the Aussies, who are from Perth and have been getting some pretty good support slots for some bands who I can’t remember.

The song has blah, blah, blah, review here, sounding professional (not even close), blah blah, should this be even categorised under “Reviews” (?), blah, blah. It’s the last day of school and I’m tired and feeling slightly irritable. At least I found a picture for you, right? Electro synths, bass, cool chorus, is that a cowbell I hear at the start? Don’t let my weary apathy deter you from this song/band. They’re pretty cool.

Download here.

MySpace here.

A proper bio on the band if you’re interested.


Photo found on MySpace page, no one to credit it to visible.


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