BRAND NEW: Maxïmo Park – “Wraithlike”

Wow, I really need one of these guys albums. Might pick one up when I’m on holidays. I originally heard “Apply Some Pressure” on a PS2 game, SSX On Tour. And I thought it was awesome. Then I heard  “My Velocity” on triple j once. It was pretty good too.

“Wraithlike” is the new song of their new album (who would’ve thought! Go figure.) entitled “Quicken The Heart”. It has some pretty thumping drums, and a cool guitar progression with some little transitions and bits that fill in. The vocals are as I remember them, which is excellent because they’re really good. A very good track, I will have to get their album.

Download it here.

MySpace page.

Photo found on MySpace page, no one to credit it to.


4 thoughts on “BRAND NEW: Maxïmo Park – “Wraithlike”

  1. I highly reccomend getting their albums. Both of them are really good. Their first one is probably more accsessable and poppy but Our earthly pleasures is awesome as well.

    1. Yeah, I was gonna pick up their first one (name escapes me now) on holidays, but I’d already spent a bit and it was expensive as far as music goes. I’d like to get them soon though.

  2. I hate it when CDs are expensive. I don’t mind so much if they’re from an independant store, but when they want $30 for an album at the chain stores it makes my wallet cry.

    1. True, true. It was kinda an independent store, they were going out of business unfortunately. But the prices were too high for me at the time.

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