BRAND NEW: Camera Obscura and Broken Records

Restrict me from doing anything too major here. No flashy pictures, but just some free music. From one of my usual sources.

Camera Obscura – French Navy

Haven’t heard these guys before, but it’s kinda grown on me. I like the drums and the string sections, and the vocalists vocals are good. Good, good, good, here I go again. It’s all good. Pretty cool song, I might have to try some more of their stuff. The chorus is particularly faster and catchier.

Broken Records – Until The Earth Begins To Part

Starts as a slow piano… song. Chords and stuff. Soft horns in the background. The vocals are flexible, and this song is really mellow and cool. When the extra horns/violins/whatever come in and the soft guitar/string-thing comes in, it sounds pretty good too. Relaxing track.

Download them here, NAO. But it’s worth mentioning you have to remove the </br> tag from the Camera Obscura link, otherwise it won’t work. Someone made a little mistake with the coding. Enjoy.


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