REVIEW: She Said I Said – "Stand And Deliver"

Firstly, thanks again for being sent this track. It certainly makes blogging a lot more exciting to be given stuff to put up for download and to review.

For me, this is one of those songs where it’s almost better to just zone out and listen to it, maybe while you’re doing something or just lazing around. Not unconsciously, but in one of those states where you just kinda let the music occupy your mind in the background. It’s got one of those infectious beats that kinda takes you over if you just let it sit there. The bass line in particular.

The lyrics are sung in a loose way, but it’s not like talking. It’s hard to describe. The varied guitar work throughout the song is definitely a pro too.

All in all I like this song. It’s good for just something that’s not invasive or aggressive, and it has a solid overall sound. To be honest I haven’t really heard anything else in this style either, which is a plus too.

I think I could listen to an album or EP from She Said I Said, especially if it has the kind of feeling as this. I’m one of those album people, and albums with overall feelings and senses to them, albums with personality, are always the ones I enjoy the most.

Grab a free download here!

Score: 6/10


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