BRAND NEW: Radiohead – “These Are My Twisted Words”

Dead Air Space, Radiohead’s blog and website has just recently confirmed what a lot of people thought. That "These Are My Twisted Words" is in fact a real song they’d finished recording, not some elaborate hoax.

Thank goodness, it’d leave a lot of fans (like myself) feeling rather embarassed for getting worked up and excited if it was fake.

They are also, giving it away for free! If you haven’t checked it out yet, do so!

Everyone was hoping for an EP to be released on the 17th, but patience is a virtue. I’d rather they created the same brilliant work over them rushing it. But yeah, the build up to the 17th is over. It’s a real song. And it’s free to download.

However I always find myself enjoying whole albums/EP’s more than just a single song by them. The whole works just seem to have so much atmosphere and feeling. Though that said I can appreciate the work in a single song and how it sounds. Surprisingly, I’m not giving it a completely biased 10 like I thought I would.

I don’t really have any constructive criticism and I’m sure it’ll grow on me to the point of wanting to give it a 10 in the future, but after a few listens it just doesn’t seem like a classic single. Maybe in the form of an EP it’ll fit in more and sound more complete.

Score: 6/10


3 thoughts on “BRAND NEW: Radiohead – “These Are My Twisted Words”

  1. there Tas part of me that wondered if it was a hoax, just becuase there would be so much publicity about a new Radiohead song. That said, there aren’t many people who can sound like Radiohead and pull it off.

    Free download here I come…

    1. Yeah, that’s true. But they do change their style around a bit.
      Also, you mentioned before to me, so I assume you have one? It looks like you have good taste in music too, from your blog.
      Mine’s if you’re interested.
      I like to think my tastes are diverse, despite my clear obsession with Radiohead XD.

  2. I like to think the same thing as well despite my obsession with Okkervil River.
    My last fm account is only a month or so old because my sister kept adding her music to my old one and I am not a fan of Fergie believe it or not.

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