FEATURE: Music and Money

It’s a tough compromise for many of us to make. Do we splurge to support all our favourite bands and some, or do we save?

Well, at the moment I don’t have much choice in matter. I have approximately one year left of school before I go to university (provided I don’t take a gap year), and I’m going to need money for food, transport, textbooks, and basic student necessities. I’ve been told by my parents that I need to tone down on the spending and save more, not in an aggressive “you spend too much – stop it” way, but just as a reminder. And it’s fair enough.

So basically I’ll be relying on Christmas and birthday presents for CD’s from now, apart from the occasional one that I do just buy. Which means that a lot of the stuff I’ll be reviewing and listening to now, will be free indie stuff from the web.

Not that this is a bad thing, there’s some great stuff available online for free. But there’s still some major label stuff out there that I like and want to support. It’s gonna be hard to not buy albums from bands I really like.

I can’t wait for the day when I’m older and have a comfortable established life, where I can just go out and buy CD’s on a whim.

5 thoughts on “FEATURE: Music and Money

  1. Are you in year 11 or 12?
    I’m a bit the same at the moment. I usually buy albums from second hand CD stores(the ones in trendy areas usually have a lot of promo CDs for sale), or from op shops.
    There is always the illegal route, which is not so good but if you have no other option it can be ok for sampling.

    1. Year 11, only about 5 weeks till I start 12. What about you?
      Yeah, well living in a small rural town sucks. We have one shop that sells CD’s, and even then they’re mostly all over-priced compared to bigger retailers.
      And yeah, I did used to download albums occasionally, but I recently got rid of them. It just felt hypocritical, especially since I really liked some of them. I’ve come to the resolution that it’s alright to share or burn music for friends every so often, because at least that way someone’s bought the album. But mass online sharing just seems like it’s really ripping all the artists off.

  2. I’m in year 11 as well, but It’s only halfway through term three. Scary to think that I’ll have to chose some kind of career soon.
    I odn’t like downloading albums but if I’m broke I’ll do it to see if I like them and then buy them later.
    How about trying ebay? you can usually get some cheap stuff, even if it isn’t always new.

    1. I dunno how it works where you live, it’s probably different, but in NSW you do the Preliminary course (year 11) for 3 terms, and then the HSC for 4 terms. So I really start year 12 next term.
      I suppose that’s fair enough too. I have a mental list of the albums I downloaded before that I wanna end up owning someday.
      And thanks for that idea actually. I’ve never used eBay before, so it didn’t really occur to me, but it’d be a good option. Though, buying an album from someone who’s already bought it (and probably ripped it to computer XD) isn’t really helping the artist make money in a way, just the person reselling it. Maybe I should search around for some good Aussie online CD shops.

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