ATTN: Ugh, school.

I’ve been kinda busy with English Extension assessments worth 40% of my overall mark, Physics, and a tonne of other school work, and I’m only gonna get busier.

However, I’m planning on finding an album to review on Sunday afternoon. After I work 7-9 hours Saturday and then 4 on Sunday, I’ll be ruined. The money’s good though.

For now, check out the article on Beerjacket on Electric Skeleton here (check out the other posts too!): OVER HERE!

(Hope you don’t mind me linking to your article Lauren. Thought I should seeing that’s where I heard about Beerjacket.)

Download an album here:

It sounds awesome, great folk music.


2 thoughts on “ATTN: Ugh, school.

  1. I hate it when school gets in the way of everything else. Especially when the work accounts to a rediculous portion of your overall mark.I would posting much more often if I wasn’t swamped with so many assessments.

    Thanks for posting the link, I’m totally cool with it. I’ve found some other free online music as well as some albums to post about which I’ll hopefully have up in a few days. I’m broke as well so free music is a godsend

    1. Awesome, looking forward to it! It’s good when you know people with good taste to recommend you stuff. Epsecially since over the past little while I’ve found so many sites that offer free downloads of albums.
      The potential for good music is there, but I end up spending too much time downloading stuff I rarely listen to.

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