REVIEW: Foals – "Balloons"

With great precision, this track from Oxford 5 piece Foals seems to have a mechanical balance about it. Lightly dispersed pop-sensible guitar lines move over the top of a catchy drum beat, but it isn’t the individual parts that define this song. It’s how it’s executed.

With the introduction of some ascending trumpets in the background, the repeated lyrics ("We fly balloons on this fuel we call love") build up to a breaking point in the bridge. It’s very climactic, and despite it’s use of repetition, it’s very infectious. Warning you of my lack of in-depth genre knowledge, I’m going to describe it as progressive-indie-dance-pop. Because that’s what it sounds like. And it’s kinda fun.

"Balloons" is less about the individual parts, and more about the energy the song gives off as a whole. It isn’t exactly the kind of conventional indie-pop in regards to it’s structure, so it’s something slightly different for most people at least.

Grab a free download from Stereogum here.

Score: 7/10


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