REVIEW: Friendly Fires – "Jump In The Pool"

Friendly Fires released their successful debut self-titled album in September of 2008, and re-released it in August of 2009 containing an extra 3 songs, remixes, and a live DVD. "Jump In The Pool" is the second single from the album.

Opening with light, floating synths, drums enter in a manner akin to something you would expect to hear in a tribal ritual on some far-flung exotic corner of the earth (albeit one possibly stereotyped by Hollywood, the only type I know having experienced none first-hand). It all sounds very tropical, the throbbing base emphasising certain lyrical points in the verses.

The song takes flight during the particularly powerful chorus, lifting up alongside the poignant lyrical imagery that’s crafted in an atmospherically supportive way. The synths and drumming strongly evoke energetic feelings, and combined with the water-based lyrical themes that seem to centre around the journey into adulthood, form a song that is both melodically and rhythmically fun, and lyrically interesting enough to satisfy those who want to sing along.

Friendly Fires have really nailed a dance song here with a twist in it. It’s infectious, and the drum fills between sections really build up the suspense and draw attention to the strong nature of the chorus. I can find very little to fault this song to be honest. When I downloaded it on a whim (I’d liked "Kiss Of Life" and thought this could be good) I was pretty much blown away.

Grab a free download from Spinner here.

Score: 10/10


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