FEATURE: triple j Hottest 100 2009

Looking back on this year’s list, personally, I thought it was pretty good. A lot of the songs I voted for got in, but there were also a lot of great songs that I was pleased got a placing that I didn’t vote for. I also heard a few cool songs I hadn’t heard before, which is always good. I was happy with number 1 too. “Little Lion Man” is a great song

That said, I will admit, it seemed like there was a lot more electronic/techno music, which might not have been to everyone’s tastes. But this is a massive nation-wide poll, I guess everyone just has to be a bit more open to what everyone else enjoys on Australia Day.

If anyone wants to check out the full list of the songs that got in: Wikipedia.

Edit: Reading some Facebook comments (read: complaints) on the results of this hottest 100 prompted a slightly heated response from myself, which I feel basically sums up my feelings rather well, so I shall include it here.

People need to stop being so self-absorbed and accept that quite clearly there are other people around who listen to music, and their tastes may or may not differ from yours.
It’s a poll. Triple J didn’t rig it. This is what the people that vote like. All you can do is put in your 10 votes, hope some of your favourite songs get in, and have a good day. And if you don’t get all your favourites in, deal with it. It isn’t YOUR hottest 100. It’s the hottest 100 of the people that voted.
If you aren’t happy with it, start a blog and make your own list of your favourite songs if it makes you feel good.

I had an awesome day hanging out with my mates, there were some great songs played. Thanks Triple J.


2 thoughts on “FEATURE: triple j Hottest 100 2009

  1. Powderfinger played a cover of Little Lion Man at the BDO yesterday. It’s was pretty funny.
    I think electronic music has been pretty big this year, but it is good to see some variety in the countdown.
    I would have liked to see the decemberists on there though. The Rake’s song is possibly the world’s best song about infanticide

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