BRAND NEW: Operator Please – "Logic"

Operator Please have new album "Gloves" slated for release on the 26th of April, with the new single "Logic" available now as a free download (that is, in exchange for an e-mail address).

A pounding descending bass riff opens the track, but Logic seems to have lost that kind of urgency or vibe inherent in the singles from their debut album. Not a massive problem, perhaps on the whole they’ve matured as a band. In fact I hope they have. That ping-pong song was alright as a novelty at first, but ended up getting on my nerves rather quickly. To be perfectly honest, it feels like "Logic" doesn’t go anywhere fast. The chorus is at least a bit of relief from the slightly-better-than-mediocre verses, which just don’t have any redeeming qualities for me. I was hoping I’d like this single, and initially the bass-riff really caught me by surprise. It was good, but the rest of the song just doesn’t hold up for me.

I wonder if the commercial radio stations will pick up this single for some airplay or not, sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Score: 2/10

If you’re interested, you can grab a download here.


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