NEWS: Shortlist for the AMP 2009.

The nominations for the Australian Music Prize of 2009 have been announced. The winner is set to receive $30000, with $15000 going to the winner of the Award In Recognition of Outstanding Potential, with both due to be announced on Friday the 12th of March.

The nominees are as follows:

‘Privileged Woes’ by Oh Mercy

‘As Day Follows Night’ by Sarah Blasko

‘Kid Sam LP’ by Kid Sam

‘Black Across The Field’ by Lucie Thorne

‘Secrets And Lies’ by Bertie Blackman

‘For The Birds’ by The Mess Hall

‘Spitshine’ by Urthboy

‘Call Signs’ by Black Cab

‘Wonder’ by Lisa Mitchell

I personally haven’t heard all of the albums, and have only heard bits and pieces by most bands. Not a massive fan of Lisa Mitchell or Sarah Blasko to be honest. Apparently Eddy Current Suppression Ring won it last year, which is pretty good. Augie March and The Drones have won it before too. I wish Karnivool got a nomination with Sound Awake, but you can’t have everything I guess.

Anyway, I’m tipping Blasko to win, and Bertie Blackman to get the Outstanding Potential award. Just my two cents on how I think it’ll go down.


2 thoughts on “NEWS: Shortlist for the AMP 2009.

  1. I think Sarah Blasko or Oh Mercy will win it. The AMP is good because it recognises bands that are overlooked by awards such as the arias.
    I’m looking forward to hearing what the new Eddy Current album is like. I’ve heard it’s a bit different.

    1. Yeah that’s true. The ARIA’s overlook so many artists unfortunately. But I guess they have to cater to a more mainstream audience who see it televised. I suspect half the people who watch the ARIA’s wouldn’t even know the artists are Australian until they see them appear, sadly enough.

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