BRAND NEW: Pin Me Down – "Time Crisis"

Pin Me Down is the side project of Bloc Party lead guitarist, Russell Lissack, and former guitarist/singer of Black Moustache, Milena Mepris.

Featuring a distinctly dance-like beat and synth progression, "Time Crisis" is a song that gets going, but not to those kind of epic heights other tracks seem to reach.

That isn’t to say it’s a bad song. It’s really kinda fun. The guitar lines sound distinctly Bloc-Party-esque, which is not only something you’d expect, but also something that’s good. The vocals sound good in the chorus, despite the fact I can’t understand what’s being said. It’s simple I guess, in a way, and sometimes that’s all a song needs. Though after a few listens it does feel slightly formulaic, like Lissack and Mepris are merely ticking the boxes for a dance track. I guess it’s not mind-blowing, but it’s not a bad effort either.

Their self-title debut album is out on the 19th of April.

Score: 6/10

Grab a free download here.


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