FEATURE: Do you ever feel oversaturated with new music?

I do. It’s a terrible feeling. Wait – let my clarify that a bit more.

There is so much I want to listen to and want to appreciate, but it’s like I don’t have the time. And there is a whole heap of music I would love to review and share, but again, it’s an issue of time. I don’t like doing short half-baked reviews without putting any thought into them, or without giving the music a good listen. If I did that, I’d be giving an unfair review.

But while it’s terrible in the sense that I can’t listen to everything that gets good reviews, or seems like something I’d like, it’s great to know that there’s a whole tonne of music out there to explore.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. As I mentioned, I don’t normally like sharing music without giving a fair opinion of it. Anyone can find a link to free legal mp3’s and compilations if they look.

BUT; in this case, I think I’d find myself short for time to review these even if I felt like it. As such, I provide you with the following links to free mp3’s that I’m fairly certain could be quite good. I’ll definitely be checking out a few in the near future.

Best Of Bonnaroo

A bunch of artists have gotten together to release live tracks recorded from Bonnaroo music festivals. The aim is to get people in the US to voice their opinions on a climate change bill. Which is an excellent cause, and I urge any of you who can voice your opinion to do so. There are various options on the site for doing so. However for the rest of us outside of the US, you can download the compilation without taking action at all.

SPIN Presents 2010: A Look Ahead

A free compilation of 10 songs from 10 different bands that Spin think are going to make big waves in 2010.

SXSW 2010 Free MP3s” & “SXSW 2010 Free MP3s — Part Two

No convenient .zip file for these bunches of tracks, sorry. But I’m sure there’s a few artists there that’ll be worth checking out. I’ve only heard of a couple, but hopefully I’ll get time to listen to a few more.

Happy listening. And if you find anything particularly awesome, leave me a comment!

2 thoughts on “FEATURE: Do you ever feel oversaturated with new music?

  1. I love Spin.. it’s so expensive to buy the latest issue though.

    I know that feeling very well. What’s even worse is being sent music and not being able to post because of crazy amounts of school work.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever bought an issue of Spin but I’ve seen it around. I might give it a go. Normally I just pick up jMag if it looks like a good issue. It’s normally pretty cheap too.

      Yeah that would suck too. I don’t get sent music by bands very often unfortunately, but I still feel like I should try and post regularly. I think we can both agree that school sucks. : (

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