BRAND NEW: Phoenix – “Live In Sydney” Free EP!

Phoenix. You know, that French band. The one that sings those insanely infectious synthy pop songs. Yeah, them. Well, they decided that they’d go and do something really nice for us all. They’ve released a live EP featuring songs from “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” that they played for us Australians in Sydney. I didn’t catch any of their gigs over here, but I hear they’re pretty good live.

I haven’t grabbed the EP yet, but I will be very soon. Word is the live version of “Love Like A Sunset” is brilliant.

The track-listing is as follows:

1. Lisztomania
2. Lasso
3. Fences
4. Girlfriend
5. Armistice
6. Love Like A Sunset
7. Rome
8. 1901

Grab a free download here. (Once their servers are back up that is, it looks like they’re under a bit of strain at the moment. Understandably.)

2 thoughts on “BRAND NEW: Phoenix – “Live In Sydney” Free EP!

    1. I’ve only heard “Boxer” and “Alligator” so far myself, and both are really good. To be honest it wouldn’t really matter which you decided to try first. Even though they’re slightly different albums, they’re both excellent.
      I guess I’d have to recommend “Boxer”, just on the grounds that that’s the album I first listened to and it really appealed to me as someone who hadn’t heard much of them before.

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