ATTN: Happy Birthday!

On the 27th of March, 2010, On The Tune turned 1 year old! It feels like such a long time ago that I started, but thanks to anyone who has bothered reading what I’ve got to say, not matter how self-indulgent or boring it might have been at times. (Also; we recently got over the 3k hits mark! Not that it’s a massive target but I feel like it’s kinda an achievement.)

I’ve been working on something and sending some e-mails out over the past few days to try and pull something together for the blog, but if anyone knows any independent or not very well known Australian bands that write good music, would you be able to leave me a comment? Cheers.

Also, as a side note: could media establishments please stop posting what either of the Gallagher twins (Liam in particular) say? Please!?

It just helps fuel the infantile arrogant attention-seeking behaviour they both seem to exhibit to varying degrees. And it makes me rage at an uncontrollable level. I swear, Liam must be one of the most self-righteous people on the planet.


4 thoughts on “ATTN: Happy Birthday!

  1. I just made my blog public. So I understand how 3k is a big deal!! (:
    I would use my blog to let go my thoughts and such. I blog everyday of what goes on. I am getting over 200 hits a day since last week. Makes me feel good. So I get it!! (:

    KEEP IT UP!! ^.^

    – Vik S.

      1. lol yes!! (: I just hit over 300 hits just now. Makes me happy. Feels good. Ha. Anyways, I really do enjoy your blog. It’s cool!! Keep it up (8

        – Vik S.

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