ATTN: Exams and a break


Just a heads up. I have at least one, if not two, reviews to do for some Aussie bands over the next few days. And I have a surprise for everyone in the works, which hopefully should come together provided I stop being so lazy. But apart from that, there won’t be much else being posted for about 3 weeks. I have one week left of holidays before I go through two weeks of half-yearly exams, so I’m about to enter full-study/panic mode. Not that I have any huge reason to panic, but I do have to start studying very soon.

The good news is that after that’s finished I should have plenty of time to devote to the blog. But it’s probably for my own good that I take a couple of weeks off after I finish up these next few posts.

So yeah, stay tuned for a few more posts before I take a bit of a break.


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