BRAND NEW: Underworld – “Scribble”

“Scribble” takes you on a pulsing race. It exudes sunshine, and though it feels too fast to make you want to dance (at least not without a smoke machine and lasers), it’s paced perfectly. It’s not intrusive. It’s not boring. It’s goddamn fun.

The words "And it’s okay” repeat throughout, but (taking the quote out of context) let me tell you now: this song is more than okay. It’s brilliant.

I’m well aware that this review is surprisingly short, but I don’t have time to analyse it in a manner which would more than likely be boring anyway.

Verdict: Positive.

Grab a free download from here. Just register with them and get the track, okay? It’s worth it.

Update: Or grab it here without registering for anything.


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