REVIEW: Steering By Stars – “Cables”

Filled with ambient, relaxing, post-rock instrumentation, “Cables” moves between moments that draw you into their sensitive melodies, and moments that burst at the seams with intense rhythms and rolling drums.

Steering By Stars allowed themselves 3 days to record their debut, and as a result the release largely sounds like a live performance. It showcases their ability to merge songs together with minimal interruptions, and as a consequence “Cables” is less like a collection of tracks and instead much more cohesive, like a movie.

The band blend together piano melodies, most notably on the simple (yet incredibly effective) chords of “Closer” and the atmospheric layers of “Gloom”. Vocals are used sparingly and to nice effect, adding a bit of diversity to the songs and setting the band apart from other generic instrumental post-rock groups. The amalgamation of the ambient sounds with the melodies and drumming rhythms gives “Cables” something a little bit different. Which is a good thing.

Admittedly, I sometimes find it very difficult to write about post-rock. It goes without saying that a lot of it is atmospheric, beautiful, well composed, orchestral, and both tense and relaxing. All of this applies just as much to “Cables”. So where do I stop rattling off these clichéd terms and say something meaningful and interesting? What am I meant to say that you haven’t heard before that can draw you into this great release?

I have no definite answer, but I know this much. Steering By Stars have been making waves over in Adelaide, and their live performances are having an impact on their local scene. By paving the way for post-rock in an area where many people wouldn’t have heard it before, Steering By Stars are introducing a whole new range of people to an amazing genre. Although their style is blatantly influenced by post-rock, amongst other genres, it’s also evident that it’s slightly different. Don’t miss a chance to check out a band who are not only doing great things for their local scene, but who are paving the way for a genre and style that could, in the future, have a large impact on the way Australian music sounds.

Verdict: Positive

Check out “Closer” and “Ether” here.

Check out the brilliant clip for “Closer” below.


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