VIDEO: Foo Fighters – “White Limo”

What a week to start regular blogging again! Not only have Radiohead announced their new album for release in approximately five days (however that’s another soon to be covered story), but we finally have some new Foo Fighters material from their forthcoming record.

It’s been stated before that this was going to be some of their hardest, roughest, and loudest rock, and by going to producer Butch Vig (of the famous Nirvana record Nevermind), I had no idea what to expect. Well I can tell you now, the Fooies have delivered quite solidly on their promise.

“White Limo” is an adrenalin-fuelled race, one which never seems to let up at all. Grohl’s slightly distorted vocals display a re-found enthusiasm for the occasional coarse-edged scream, and to be honest, it’s quite refreshing. I like that they’re mixing it up and doing something different – especially at the expense of possibly alienating some of their pop-inclined fans. Not that I have anything against those fans, but it shows a certain degree of independence to break away from that cycle of almost guaranteed commercial airplay. It has some grinding guitar riffs and fills, and it certainly springs to mind that perhaps Mr Homme has had some influence on Dave, because the song is almost reminiscent of some QotSA (circa Songs for the Deaf, in particular).

Take a listen yourself, let me know what you think.

Foo Fighters’ new album is out on the 12th of April, and the first single, “Rope”, will debut to radio on the 1st of March.


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