VIDEO: Thrice – “Promises”

Thrice have a new album out on the 20th of September (the 6th of September if you’re getting it on vinyl!). It’s called Major/Minor. I’m a little excited, I won’t lie. Thrice really know how to fill their rock with a bit of aggression and and energy. Not only that, but they know how to set the pace of their songs, and rhythmically they really keep their riffs interesitng. If you haven’t given them a go before, you really should.

You can stream and download (for free!) the opening track of Major/Minor, “Yellow Belly”, on SoundCloud below. It’s been floating around for a little while now.

What’s really new though, is the lyrics video they just released for new song Promises”. Check it out below. You can pre-order Major/Minor over here.


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