La Dispute

Michigan post-hardcore rockers La Dispute are heading over our way for a full-scale tour in… well, to be honest they’re here right now! They’re playing a number of shows around the country, and will no doubt be bringing out material from their latest record Wildlife.

Tickets are pretty cheap, and from what I hear, their live shows are impeccable. Full of energy and raw emotion, I don’t think you’ll want to miss these shows – even if their unique style of screamo isn’t your kind of thing.

11/02/12 – Sydney, Annandale Hotel (supported by: Between The Devil & The Deep + Perspectives). Matinee performance. All ages. Tickets.

11/02/12 – Sydney, Annandale Hotel (supported by: Animal Shapes + Making). 18+. Tickets.

13/02/12 – Canberra, The Basement (supported by: Life & Limb + Mornings). 18+. Tickets.

15/02/12 – Perth, Amplifier (supported by: Vanity + The Love Junkies). 18+. Tickets.

16/02/12 – Perth, YMCA HQ (supported by: Only Hope + Statues). All ages. Tickets.

17/02/12 – Adelaide, Fowlers Live (supported by: Paper Arms + Weightless). Licensed/All ages. Tickets.

18/02/12 – Melbourne, Corner Hotel (supported by: Harmony + Hoodlum Shouts). 18+. [SOLD OUT]

19/02/12 – Melbourne, Corner Hotel (supported by: Infinite Void + White Walls). Matinee performance. Under 18’s only. Tickets.

20/02/12 – Melbourne, East Brunswick Club (supported by: The Smith Street Band + Palisades). 18+. Tickets.

21/02/12 – Brisbane, Between The Walls (supported by: Little Shadow + Make More). All ages. Tickets.

Listen to “The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit” from Wildlife below!


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