Los Campesinos! - "Songs About Your Girlfriend"

It may not be my favourite track from Hello Sadness, but it’s undeniable that “Songs About Your Girlfriend” was the perfect choice for the next single. It has a brilliant guitar hook, a shout-along chorus, and is the stereotypical 3.5 minute length for a single.

The video is one of their best as well. It does a great job of creating that seedy nightclub atmosphere, and the band look really quite professional in it. Let’s be honest though – Tom’s mask is a piece of art. That creepy smile adds a small dab of humour to make it all work. Kudos to director David Spearing (and the others who worked on it!) for doing such an excellent job.

And of course, the band decided to release it on Valentine’s Day – the cheek! Check it out below.


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