Taking Back Sunday

Despite their numerous line-up changes over the years, I’ve always had a small place in my heart for Taking Back Sunday. There’s no shortage of “fans” that loathe their more recent output – and I’m more than willing to admit that it hasn’t been perfect – but New Again and Taking Back Sunday were for the most part, quite enjoyable. Both have their highs and lows, but more importantly, both have incredible gems. This is one of them.

“This Is All Now” is a stunning song, but I’m ambivalent about the video. The fisherman’s past and his issues aren’t clear enough and as a viewer, it becomes confusing. That said, from the comments I understand the film-makers are young and passionate, and everyone in creative professions constantly learns through practice. So props to TBS for using their work!

Check it out below, and let me know what you think!


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