Kaiser Chiefs

“On The Run” is the new single from English rockers The Kaiser Chiefs, and it shows them sticking around that quasi-electro area of “Little Shocks” whilst keeping their Brit-rock charm. Many weren’t a fan of this new direction, but I always felt that a bit of exploration was good for them, especially in a time when stale, formulaic “rock” bands seem dime a dozen.

Either way you look at it, they’re a formidable live band, and their forthcoming singles compilation has a solid track-list indeed. Just in case you needed a reminder of the hits they’ve penned.

You can get “On The Run” on Souvenir: The Singles (2004-2012), which is out early June, or alternatively on the American re-issue of The Future Is Medieval which is titled Start the Revolution Without Me.

Check out the new clip below.


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