Alarm Bells

Dananananaykroyd announced that they would be disbanding in September of 2011. The much-loved, energetic, Scottish band won fans over with a type of aggressive, fast, but incredibly playful guitar-rock, and their live shows were lauded over by pretty much everyone.

Now four of the six members in the band’s final formation are coming together to form a new band – Alarm Bells.

John Baillie Jnr, David Roy, Ryan McGinness (ex-Dananananaykroyd), and Paul Bannon (who played with them on their final tour) will be joined by Ollie Cox, and according to their online bio:

They play all-or-nothing ADD freak-outs with guitars, pedals, 35 year old synthesisers and mock grandeur.

Sounds pretty good to me. Check out their Facebook page for a couple of gig dates, and in the absence of any Alarm Bells tracks, take a listen to what everyone fell in love with below.

Photo via Alarm Bells’ Facebook page.


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