ATTN: Update on On The Tune and other projects

I feel like I should post a bit of an apology and explanation.

On The Tune has been very quiet lately. In short, it’s been due to a few things.

– I lost a bit of my love for blogging. I got tired of seeing blogs and music publications pushing the same artists all the time. It’s boring and to be honest – kinda sad. As much as I love some of the artists they push, I’m not sure I’m comfortable trying to find a seat at what feels very much like a self-fulfilling cool table. I want to do something more. On top of that, there’s nothing worse than writing that offers nothing to an audience. I don’t want to post the same songs Pitchfork or Stereogum post, because although they cover their fair share of music I’m interested in – there’s almost no point. Most of you have already seen it. And of course, I can try and contribute something more to sharing such content. Share another critical insight into the art. But I’m not sure whether that’s what I want. Or maybe in some form, it is. I’m really not sure. I haven’t been sure about where I want to take On The Tune. I haven’t been sure about how I should be blogging in a world where so many blogs contribute fuck all to their readers and culture in general. I feel like there’s an opportunity out there to write and achieve special things, and I’m not quite sure where that lies just yet. I need to find out what I value in music journalism, and find out how that can fit into my writing. Simply sharing content is not the way to go.
If that doesn’t quite make sense, don’t worry. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it either. But I want something to change and right now, I’m not sure what that is.
Talks are in progress regarding a new project with a friend of mine. Hopefully they come to fruition soon, but we aren’t in a huge rush. We’ll plan it and do things properly. I will keep you updated.

– University has been busy, and even then I haven’t spent enough time studying or working. It’s difficult to write recreationally when I feel I should be spending my time more wisely.

– Press releases in my inbox that I’ve ignored. All the press releases. Disgusting. Even when I ignore them, they somehow seem to suck any enjoyment out of what I try to do here. My fault entirely of course, that they’ve been ignored. But I still hate them.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen to On The Tune. Maybe it will be back one day. For now though? It’s safe to say that it’s taking an indefinite break.

But, I have good news.

I do a weekly radio show now. Tuesday nights, from 9pm ’til midnight (Australian Eastern Standard Time). We play heaps of new songs, and chat about things and give prizes away. We’d love you to join us. It’s called LOUD NOISES. Check out more details over here if you’re interested:

Will keep everyone updated as new things start happening. If you’ve read On The Tune over the years and enjoyed it, thank you for reading. We might be back one day.

Jeremy x


ATTN: So, yeah.

I’ve been busy, but also very lazy. I’m finding it difficult to motivate myself to blog for a few reasons.

I have a huge stack of CDs I still haven’t written anything on. It’s terrible, because people take the time to send me these releases and expect my opinions on them.

But the reality is, I hate giving negative feedback. I want my blog to be a positive place where I write about the music I love. I am not Pitchfork, or triple j, or FasterLouder – I am one guy. So instead of trying to give my opinion on everything that comes my way, I’d rather spend my time sharing music I think is brilliant.

This means that if an artist sends me a release, and it doesn’t grab me, and I don’t want to naturally listen to it, I find it really hard to review. There’s no motivation to listen to or write about mediocre music, because ultimately it does little to benefit my audience who want to hear about music they might enjoy! I know musical tastes are subjective, but I’m not going to share something I despise in the hope that someone else might enjoy it – I need to share what I like in the hope of cultivating an audience with similar tastes to mine. I need to say what I think.

I’m not saying all of these CDs I’m yet to review are bad – after a serious listen, I might like them. But when I sit down and force myself to listen to things, sometimes I can’t concentrate, especially if the music doesn’t naturally urge me to keep listening. When I’d rather sit down and listen to Johnny Foreigner or P.O.S. (both of whom I need to write about more), it’s difficult to force myself to listen to something which I feel an obligation to critique and write about. It feels unnatural, and blogging should feel natural.

Too long; didn’t read? I’m getting weighed down by a bunch of writing I feel I should do, but don’t necessarily want to do. It’s having the effect of hindering what used to be a spontaneous and fun exercise, where I could discover a band in an afternoon and have published something about them within an hour or two. It’s also hindering the quality of the music I feel I’m sharing. There are so many amazing artists I love that I don’t think I’ve ever written about here, and it’s a crime.

What will I do about it? I’m taking a break, even though I haven’t written for a month anyway. I’ll be back in August sometime. I’m going to clear out my disgusting inbox of PR e-mails, 90% of which I won’t care about. I’m going to go through my backlog of releases I’m yet to write about, listen to them seriously, and hopefully work on some reviews (or at least short articles) about them, which I will publish when I return. I’m going to work on clearing out the ever-growing list of things I have to write about. From here on in, as much as I crave and love music in physical formats, I will only accept digital submissions of music, unless of course the label or artist is adamant in sending me a CD. I will make sure that anyone sending me music understands that I will only write about the music I love, when I have the time. I’m tired of feeling an obligation to write about music that I don’t want to write about.

ATTN: Hiatus – 9th of August until mid November.

Hey everyone. All 4 or 5 of you.

From tomorrow this blog will be inactive for approximately 3 months.

It would be lovely to announce that I’ll be taking time off to study for the HSC (which is probably what I should be doing), but alas that is not the case.

I’ve been accepted into the Optus Sound Scribe program, which is an Australian project aimed at young people who live in rural areas and have a passion for music. I was selected as one of the 40 people who will be taking part in it.

Basically it involves me blogging for Optus. As a result, I could get a trip for 2 to L.A., an internship at a music magazine in Sydney, interviews with cool artists, the chance to work at a major music festival, and possibly a concert in my town! Understandably, I want to put as much energy into this as I can, as it’s a huge opportunity for me. But I also need to study for my HSC. So On The Tune is taking a break.

But luckily for you, you can still read everything I blog about. So really it’s not a huge change. My work will just be somewhere else. And on the plus side, I’ll be posting more.

You can check out my new blog here:

You can also follow me on Twitter here:


ATTN: Facebook.

Pretty much everyone uses Facebook these days, so I figured instead of sending off links to my blog through my personal account I’d create a page for my blog.

Facebook page for On The Tune.

“Like” my page to get updates on new posts, plus video clips and any other short snippets of news and I feel inclined to post. And don’t forget to recommend the page to any of your friends who might enjoy it too!

ATTN: Exams and a break


Just a heads up. I have at least one, if not two, reviews to do for some Aussie bands over the next few days. And I have a surprise for everyone in the works, which hopefully should come together provided I stop being so lazy. But apart from that, there won’t be much else being posted for about 3 weeks. I have one week left of holidays before I go through two weeks of half-yearly exams, so I’m about to enter full-study/panic mode. Not that I have any huge reason to panic, but I do have to start studying very soon.

The good news is that after that’s finished I should have plenty of time to devote to the blog. But it’s probably for my own good that I take a couple of weeks off after I finish up these next few posts.

So yeah, stay tuned for a few more posts before I take a bit of a break.

ATTN: Short holiday.

Okay, just a heads up, I’m going to be away until Sunday the 11th, so there won’t be any posts for a few days.

Hope everyone had a good Easter, for those of you who celebrate it.

Also, don’t forget, I’m on the lookout for some Australian independent bands. If you know of any that’re really good, or you’re a part of one, leave me a comment or send me an e-mail:


ATTN: Happy Birthday!

On the 27th of March, 2010, On The Tune turned 1 year old! It feels like such a long time ago that I started, but thanks to anyone who has bothered reading what I’ve got to say, not matter how self-indulgent or boring it might have been at times. (Also; we recently got over the 3k hits mark! Not that it’s a massive target but I feel like it’s kinda an achievement.)

I’ve been working on something and sending some e-mails out over the past few days to try and pull something together for the blog, but if anyone knows any independent or not very well known Australian bands that write good music, would you be able to leave me a comment? Cheers.

Also, as a side note: could media establishments please stop posting what either of the Gallagher twins (Liam in particular) say? Please!?

It just helps fuel the infantile arrogant attention-seeking behaviour they both seem to exhibit to varying degrees. And it makes me rage at an uncontrollable level. I swear, Liam must be one of the most self-righteous people on the planet.

ATTN: It’s been almost a month I think.

Since I last posted. Admittedly I haven’t made any time to review things, but I have been occupied I guess.
Anyway, over the following couple of weeks, I plan to:
Review “Hospice” by The Antlers. [maybe later]
Review the self-titled Them Crooked Vultures album. [done]
Review the Pearl Jam gig I’m going to in about 3 days. [done]
Review the debut EP from Goodnight Owl. [done]

So I’m not dead. Just thought I’d say.

ATTN: Ugh, school.

I’ve been kinda busy with English Extension assessments worth 40% of my overall mark, Physics, and a tonne of other school work, and I’m only gonna get busier.

However, I’m planning on finding an album to review on Sunday afternoon. After I work 7-9 hours Saturday and then 4 on Sunday, I’ll be ruined. The money’s good though.

For now, check out the article on Beerjacket on Electric Skeleton here (check out the other posts too!): OVER HERE!

(Hope you don’t mind me linking to your article Lauren. Thought I should seeing that’s where I heard about Beerjacket.)

Download an album here:

It sounds awesome, great folk music.

ATTN: I’m back!

I feel so rude for abandoning this blog without even a word. I guess I just lost motivation and didn’t have as much spare time once school went back. I was occupied with other things.

Anyway, I just want to say I plan on redoing this blog over the next week (hopefully over the weekend) so that I can comfortably post about stuff regularly (ie: at least every 2-3 days).

Expect some new reviews/opinions/rants/whatever very soon.

Although this is almost a fresh start, I’ll be keeping all past posts for archiving/referencing. It’d be such a waste to delete them.