NEWS: Astronautalis, Justin Vernon, S. Carey, and Ryan Olson start a band

Un-named new band

Astronautalis (genre-bending rapper Andy Bothwell), Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver fame), S. Carey (Sean Carey, known for his work with Bon Iver and his solo output), and Ryan Olson (aka Arson Only, founder of Gayngs, and member of Marijuana Deathsquads) have formed a new band – and tracking for their album is complete already!

I’ve gone all Storify on it below, collecting all of the information I can find so far from each of their Twitter accounts and Facebook, but what can we expect from this new project?

To be honest, I think it’ll be a bit of a surprise to everyone. Carey’s drumming is nothing short of stunning, as I observed when he performed with Bon Iver at the Opera House, and I don’t think there’s much he couldn’t do. Olson’s noisey, experimental work with Marijuana Deathsquads could throw something unexpected into the mix, and Astronautalis’ sophisticated flow is sure to show up. As for Vernon, it’s been confirmed his vocal talents will be making an appearance, but apart from that, who can tell.

All we can know for sure, is that it’s going to be a very interesting collaborative effort from 4 very talented musicians. All they need now is a name!

Check out my Storify piece below for more info, and follow the four of them (Astronautalis seems to be the most frequent updater) on Twitter to keep up with the project.

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VIDEO: Drake – “Take Care (Ft. Rihanna)” and “HYFR (Ft. Lil Wayne)”


Drake released two new videos today, both from 2011’s Take Care.

The first is for the title track, featuring Rihanna, and sampling Jamie xx and Gil Scott-Heron’s excellent mix of “I’ll Take Care of U“. It was directed by Yoann Lemoine, and it absolutely nails the atmospherics while highlighting the themes of the song. It’s a beautifully shot clip.

The other is for “HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right) (Ft. Lil Wayne)”, and was directed by Director X. It shows footage of Drake getting “re-bar mitzvah’d as a recommitment to the Jewish religion”, and it looks like one hell of a party.

Check them both out below.

“Take Care (Ft. Rihanna)”

“HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right) (Ft. Lil Wayne)”

BRAND NEW: jj – “Beautiful Life”

jj - Beautiful Life

jj are a Swedish pop duo, and “Beautiful Life” is the name of their newest track. As the title suggest, it’s quite beautiful. jj are known for their blissful, floating, hazy pop music, and that’s exactly what they deliver here. It manages to sound so unaware and spontaneous, yet still retain that crafted drive and pulse.

The single – titled jj n° 4 – is set for release on May 8 digitally and on 7″ via Sincerely Yours and Secretly Canadian, and will contain another new track called “Burn”.

Have a listen below and get your free download!

VIDEO: Kaiser Chiefs – “On The Run”

Kaiser Chiefs

“On The Run” is the new single from English rockers The Kaiser Chiefs, and it shows them sticking around that quasi-electro area of “Little Shocks” whilst keeping their Brit-rock charm. Many weren’t a fan of this new direction, but I always felt that a bit of exploration was good for them, especially in a time when stale, formulaic “rock” bands seem dime a dozen.

Either way you look at it, they’re a formidable live band, and their forthcoming singles compilation has a solid track-list indeed. Just in case you needed a reminder of the hits they’ve penned.

You can get “On The Run” on Souvenir: The Singles (2004-2012), which is out early June, or alternatively on the American re-issue of The Future Is Medieval which is titled Start the Revolution Without Me.

Check out the new clip below.

BRAND NEW: letthemusicplay – “Waves (RAC Mix)”


I don’t know who letthemusicplay are. I think there are very few people who do.

The folks at RAC certainly don’t – or just aren’t telling us – going off the intriguing information they gave us via Facebook.

This one is a little strange because the artist is trying really hard to be anonymous. It’s “rumored” that the members are some of the biggest names in electronic music.

But at the end of the day, does it really matter? If letthemusicplay were awful then I’d be more than happy to criticise their anonymity as a gimmick to attract buzz, but they’re actually pretty good. Chances are, they’ll eventually gain enough attention simply through the quality of their music. You can check out the original cut of “Waves” here, and what I’m fairly sure is their only other track, “Space”, here.

And to top it off, this is an RAC mix we’re talking about! They’ve done so many brilliant mixes over the past few years. They can even make the Old Spice Guy sound like he belongs in a club for crying out loud.

Take a listen below. This catchy dance number is worth your time.

And yeah, that sounds like Dougy from The Temper Trap to me too.

VIDEO: Taking Back Sunday – “This Is All Now”

Taking Back Sunday

Despite their numerous line-up changes over the years, I’ve always had a small place in my heart for Taking Back Sunday. There’s no shortage of “fans” that loathe their more recent output – and I’m more than willing to admit that it hasn’t been perfect – but New Again and Taking Back Sunday were for the most part, quite enjoyable. Both have their highs and lows, but more importantly, both have incredible gems. This is one of them.

“This Is All Now” is a stunning song, but I’m ambivalent about the video. The fisherman’s past and his issues aren’t clear enough and as a viewer, it becomes confusing. That said, from the comments I understand the film-makers are young and passionate, and everyone in creative professions constantly learns through practice. So props to TBS for using their work!

Check it out below, and let me know what you think!

VIDEO: Emperors – “Be Ready When I Say Go”


Perth four-piece Emperors just released a new video for “Be Ready When I Say Go”, and its a great example of a simple video executed well.

It’s almost been 2 years since they featured on On The Tune’s first ever mixtape with the excellent “Favourite Colours”, and they’ve come a long way since then. They sound more polished, focused, and tighter than ever – and if they keep this up, they’re going to make quite a splash in the near future.

Their debut album Stay Frosty is out on April 20. In the meantime, check out the new video below.

VIDEO: Tenacious D – “To Be The Best”

Tenacious D

Tenacious D – the wonder duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass – have released a new video! It’s the first taste of new, recorded material from the duo in some time, and it’s been far too long.

It’s less of a music video, and more of a prologue to their new album. Some backstory. If you’re impatient you can skip to about 4.20 for the actual song, which goes for just over a minute, but you’re better off watching the whole thing. Seeing Dave Grohl train the pair in guitar playing and ballroom dancing is a highlight. They fly on an eagle too.

Prior warning: Kyle’s little basement/den/slum scene is surprisingly graphic and slightly disturbing.

Rize of the Fenix is set for release on May 15. It’s going to be hilarious. Trust me, I heard “Roadie” when they supported Foo Fighters.

BRAND NEW: Japandroids – “The House That Heaven Built”

Celebration Rock

“The House That Heaven Built” is the new single from Canadian noise-rockers Japandroids, and if you’re already a fan of their youthful, distorted thrashing, you’re in for a treat.

Full of “woahs”, dense guitars, and rolling drums, it’s exactly what you’d expect from them. The fact that a duo can get such a large sound going is pretty impressive, and while this one doesn’t show the band shaking things up, that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

It’ll be released digitally and on 7″ on May 15, and will be appearing on their second album – Celebration Rock – which is out June 5.

Check it out, and let’s hope they finally make it over to Australia this year!

BRAND NEW: Be Forest – “I Quit Girls (Japandroids Cover)”

Be Forest

I really like Japandroids. I also really like “I Quit Girls”, which was a great closer to their energetic, explosive debut album Post Nothing. So I jumped at the chance to hear someone cover it.

All I can say is, I’m glad I did. It pays to be awake at 1am to see these gems appear in social media feeds.

Be Forest are a three-piece from Italy. Their debut album – Cold – came out last year. They create this beautifully hazy, washed-out, blur of distortion and bright shoegaze, and it gives the song a completely new feel. The cover is going to be a bonus track for the Japanese release of Cold, but here’s hoping we can get our hands on it elsewhere.

she wears white, six days a week –
she was just one of those girls.

Give it a listen!