BRAND NEW: Phoenix – “1901”

This is one of those songs that I’d heard people talking about, though I thought I’d never heard. Turns out, I had actually heard it on the radio, but never realised this was it. I don’t think I’d heard of Phoenix before this song, but it doesn’t matter, because if their other stuff is as good as this then they’ve got quite a good repertoire.

This is a track off their unreleased 4th studio album, “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” (due for release on the 25th of May).

The song starts with synthesizers (and what could be a guitar with some kind of soft effect?) and a catchy simple drum rhythm, before the vocals come in with seemingly no regard for amount of syllables in a line and almost an off-beat effect. But who cares? They sound great. It builds up to the chorus with the synths continuing and creating a danceable atmosphere for the song, that other bands strive to achieve. Basically, this song is catchy.

You can download “1901” for free from the bands official site, but I got the mp3 for free from this triple j page. I don’t know how long the mp3’s will be available for on each site either.

Photo found on Phoenix Wikipedia page , is by Rama and is licenced under the Creative CommonsAttribution ShareAlike 2.0 France” Licence, and CeCILL.