VIDEO/BRAND NEW: Starcadian – “HE^RT” and “Home Away From Home (Starcadian Remix)”

Starcadian - "HE^RT"

Starcadian (or STΔRCΔDIΔN) is an unsigned musician from Brooklyn, who crafts these chilled-out, smooth, spacey 80s pop vibes. They’re irresistibly charming, and it comes as a genuine surprise that he has less than 100 fans on Facebook right now.

“HE^RT” is the lead single from Sunset Blood, the upcoming ‘motion picture soundtrack’. What exactly is that, you ask? Starcadian described it best in an e-mail to me:

“Essentially, it’s a conceptual album that serves as a soundtrack to the ultimate 80s movie that played out in your head when you looked at all those amazing hand-drawn VHS covers at the video club when you were a kid. Each song is a set-piece from the film and it serves as what I call an ‘ear movie’. My hope is that when people close their eyes, they can visualize the action playing out. Seeing bumbling Miami cops chasing Dan Aykroyd, when listening to “Sgt. Tagowski”. Don Johnson strutting into a bar to the sounds of “Ronnie”. Alex Rogan, the last starfighter, gazing at the stars while humming “HE^RT”. Every single song from the album is a movie in itself, a sentiment brought up by memories of John Carpenter, John Landis, Joe Dante, all those wonderful storytellers from way back when.”

Sunset Blood is tentatively slated for a late August release (it’s currently being mastered), but before then there will be a sampler released, so keep your eyes and ears peeled! In the meantime, check out the video for “HE^RT” below, and buy it on iTunes if you’re keen.

(video found via Pigeons & Planes)

If you’re looking for something that’s just as cool, and free, have a listen to Starcadian’s remix of Touch Tone’s “Home Away From Home” below too. I’d never heard the original until now, but they’re both worth checking out!

Above photo from the “HE^RT” video.


REVIEW: Links to awesome songs I found on Stereogum (because I’m too lazy to write an album review tonight and have homework because I procrastinated)

How epic is that!

On a more related note, I was thinking about reviewing a whole album before. But then I decided against it. Because I’m lazy I’d just started going through a bunch of Stereogum mp3’s, downloading the ones I want, and I thought I’d talk about them. There really is a tonne of good stuff there to look through, I’m still not finished going through it all.

Anyway, as follows are links to the articles with the songs in them, and a brief opinion and score (I did find a lot of songs, I’m just listing the ones I’ve found particularly awesome so far).

“Fake Empire” by The National – Absolutely amazing in my opinion. I’ve been quite taken by The National after hearing their album Boxer. Vocals are amazing, different from anything else I’ve heard. The piano’s timing is great, lyrically it’s interesting too. Score: 10/10 (Yeah, you heard me. It’s that good.

“Leyendecker” by Battles – I actually had this before I saw the download on Stereogum. It’s a short instrumental piece. Catchy drum beat, cool uh… electronic sounds. I’m terrible at describing music like this. The words “techno” and “electronic” are too simple to describe it properly, and I don’t know any others. But anyway, you might like it. You might not. I just think it’s catchy. Score: 8/10

“The Underdog” by Spoon – I’d heard this before, but didn’t know what it was. And I’d only heard “The Way We Get By” by Spoon before (well, as far as I know). But this is awesome. Great horn sections, great chorus, great song. Oh yeah, and it has hand claps! Score: 9/10

“Acceptable In The 80’s” by Calvin Harris – WELL I’VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU, IF YOU WERE BORN IN THE 80’S, THE 80’S! It’s time to disco boys and girls. Score: 7/10

“One Crowded Hour” by Augie March – If you don’t have this amazingly poetic and beautiful song, get it NOW. Unfortunately, I’ve only heard 2 Augie March songs I really like (this, and “The Cold Acre”). But, this is good enough for me to not care. Score: 10/10

Anyway, I’m off. Hope I’ve provided you, whoever you are, with some good listening.