FEATURE/NEWS: Britain’s new Internet law.

Did I speak too soon? Did I not get the full story? Are these laws one and the same? I don’t know!

I guess it’s irrelevant, because this just seems awful beyond words now.

News article.

This is not a solution. This is going to create bigger problems. What about freedom and privacy? They’re jeopardizing what I consider basic human rights without thinking about the implications. ALL because there’s a slowly dying industry that seems to be holding on by the claws through the legal system.

I’m not trying to be inconsiderate or unfair. Nobody wants to lose their job, and I feel for the people who have been affected by this changing system. But let’s be realistic.

People in this world have jobs because people pay them to do things. If we don’t need the people to do things, then we won’t pay them to do things, like distributing and producing music. Many musicians can do this on their own now. It’s because these companies are so ridiculously rich that they have so much influence, and it’s most likely because of their influence that this is happening.