VIDEO: The Living End – “Song For The Lonely”

Aussie rockers The Living End have just released their sixth full length album, The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating, and “Song for the Lonely” is the second single from the release!

Check out this brand new video from the guys. Not sure how I feel about the artistic choice to blur the guys “parts”, would’ve been better to cover them up another way. Overall the video has some cool slow-mo footage, but that seems to be about it. You can weave together any explanation you want about the water and paintball bombardment being a metaphor and how these people are lonely or oppressed or whatever, but it really doesn’t seem all that revolutionary. That said, it’s a cool song, and well, the video is at least interesting.

See what you think.


VIDEO: Foo Fighters – “Walk”

Foo Fighters. I love ’em. Not gonna lie. Just had to share that.

Anyway, they just released a video for “Walk” from their new album Wasting Light. It’s hilarious, and contains underlying themes which keep the video right on track. It was good to see all members of the band getting multiple cameos as well.

They’re such a diverse band when it comes to their videos too. In recent years we’ve had the seriousness of “The Pretender”, and the comedy stylings of “Long Road to Ruin” (one of my favourite clips ever – Grohl’s acting is so funny, yet somehow still feels so sincere). I think Grohl would be great in a comedy film and could really pull a funny role off, but whether he ever does a bit of acting is another question altogether.

The clip is great, one of the best I’ve seen for a while. Check it out below (or over here).

VIDEO/TOUR: Illy – “The Chase”

Those of you who cherish your Aussie hip-hop will no doubt be familiar with Illy – one of the newest and fastest growing names in Australia. Well he’s released another single, which also happens to be the title track from his latest album – “The Chase”.

For me, as much as the the catchy hooks and melodies contribute to a song, hip-hop really shines with the messages it sends. In fact, so does a lot of music to be honest. It’s a combination of the two, because usually both are needed to make a good song. No matter the topic, if an artist can express themselves in an interesting way, and send out something worthwhile, then their work becomes instantly more appealing. There seem to be so many artists that can create a catchy melody, but only a select few that can write engaging and great lyrics.

Illy is one of them.

Welcome to the chase, thats life man / What you can hold up in your left and your right hand / And it could change overnight with the right plan / With little more than a MacBook and a micstand, look where I took it.

Lights blurred, no safety belt / I’m on the chase, hard out man, success aint gonna make itself / And I ain’t gonna wake when I’m old / And regret that I woke out of a dream, just to chase the gold.

The clip is shot really well. Definitely worth checking out. Illy has the ability to rival the top of Australia’s scene, and with time he could just get there.

Don’t forget, you can check Illy out on his national tour if he hasn’t already passed you by! Details below!


With guests: Pagen Elypsis, Mase & Matic
Tickets from Moshtix 1300 438 849, and Moshtix outlets

Tickets from

With guests: Dialetrix and The Tounge
Tickets from, Oztix 1300 762 545, and Oztix outlets

With guests: Raw City Rukus, Purpose Motive & DJ Hacksaw
Tickets from Ticketek on 132 849 or

Tickets from the venue, Oztix 1300 762 545, and Oztix outlets, Heatseeker 08 6210 2850

Tickets from Star Surf Mandurah 08 9353 4500, Oztix 1300 762 545, Oztix outlets, Heatseeker 08 6210 2850

Tickets from Vibes Surf 08 9841 7577, Oztix 1300 762 545, and Oztix outlets

Tickets from Oztix 1300 762 545, and Oztix outlets, Moshtix 1300 438 849, and Moshtix outlets

Tickets from Star Surf Perth, Mills Fremantle; Planet Mt. Lawley, Heatseeker 08 6210 2850, Oztix 1300 762 545, and Oztix outlets

VIDEO: Foo Fighters – “White Limo”

What a week to start regular blogging again! Not only have Radiohead announced their new album for release in approximately five days (however that’s another soon to be covered story), but we finally have some new Foo Fighters material from their forthcoming record.

It’s been stated before that this was going to be some of their hardest, roughest, and loudest rock, and by going to producer Butch Vig (of the famous Nirvana record Nevermind), I had no idea what to expect. Well I can tell you now, the Fooies have delivered quite solidly on their promise.

“White Limo” is an adrenalin-fuelled race, one which never seems to let up at all. Grohl’s slightly distorted vocals display a re-found enthusiasm for the occasional coarse-edged scream, and to be honest, it’s quite refreshing. I like that they’re mixing it up and doing something different – especially at the expense of possibly alienating some of their pop-inclined fans. Not that I have anything against those fans, but it shows a certain degree of independence to break away from that cycle of almost guaranteed commercial airplay. It has some grinding guitar riffs and fills, and it certainly springs to mind that perhaps Mr Homme has had some influence on Dave, because the song is almost reminiscent of some QotSA (circa Songs for the Deaf, in particular).

Take a listen yourself, let me know what you think.

Foo Fighters’ new album is out on the 12th of April, and the first single, “Rope”, will debut to radio on the 1st of March.

VIDEO: P.O.S. – “Purexed”

I’ve been neglecting my duties to write about things I said I would. I must apologise. I’m going to make it my goal to get quite a few posts done that should have been done a while ago.

In the meantime, I’m here to share this gem of an artist with you all. P.O.S. is an American rapper, but his music really sounds different. I don’t listen to a lot of hip-hop, but I’ve never heard anything quite like it. Lyrically, I find his songs very inspiring and introspective, which is always something refreshing in music. But musically, he mixes fast drums and other less conventional instrumentation into his songs, doing something new in what can feel like an otherwise stagnating genre.

I’ve heard his praise being sung by many people, including those who I wouldn’t even begin to imagine would listen to hip-hop. I was hooked on my first listen. After watching the clip, listen again with the lyrics. It’ll be well worth your time.


BRAND NEW/TOUR: Birds of Tokyo – “Plans”

I’ve been wondering for quite some time what Birds of Tokyo were doing with the new album. They released new single “The Saddest Thing I Know” a while ago (the clip is in 3D if you’ve got a pair of glasses floating around!), but there were no details on the new album.

But, good things come to those that wait. And things don’t get much better than this.

Due to be released on the 23rd of July, Birds of Tokyo’s third album, which is to be self-titled, is looking to be amazing. As always, Ian Kenny’s vocal melodies are brilliant. The softer ambient atmosphere is a bit of a throw away from previous tracks like “Silhouettic”, but let’s not forget, in terms of alternative music BoT really are on the poppier side of things, which is not intended as a derogatory description at all. I can easily see this being the album where they really break onto mainstream commercial radio. For such a solid band they deserve it too. So perhaps self-titling this album is the beginning of a new era for the band. Regardless of whether this actually happens or not, it doesn’t matter. This track is great, and I’ll be picking up their new album on release.

Birds of Tokyo have also announced an up-coming tour. It’s going to be their “every album tour”, and will showcase their new material alongside their classics. The band are now “bigger, bolder, more refined and more fearless”. And it certainly looks like they’re planning one hell of a special tour.


September 22, 2010 – Adelaide, SA

September 24, 2010 – Brisbane, QLD

September 26, 2010 – Hobart, TAS

September 30, 2010 – Sydney, NSW

October 01, 2010 – Melbourne, VIC

October 02, 2010 – Fremantle, WA

VIDEO: Goodnight Owl – “Maps & Compasses”

The brilliant Aussie electro-folksters Goodnight Owl have premiered a new video clip! It’s for their single “Maps & Compasses”, from their debut self-titled EP. For a first clip, it’s pretty well made, and should be commended for being interesting and inventive. Check it out. If you’ve never heard of these guys you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Grab some of their tracks for free here and give them a listen while you’re at it. I feel these guys have the potential to move onto big things.