NEWS: Foo Fighters’ “million-dollar demos” make their way online

Foo Fighters - One By One

The original recordings of Foo Fighters 2002 album, One By One, were put away. Metaphorically chucked out and scrapped. Aside from the significant issues the band were experiencing internally, word is that Dave found them too boring and tame, and manager John Silva thought that the recordings didn’t quite represent the band. Drummer Taylor Hawkins referred to them as the “million-dollar demos”.

Now, a couple of full songs (and apparently some instrumentals) have appeared online from the sessions. Take a listen to the demos of “Come Back” and “Have It All” below! Definitely confused as to why they’d want to scrap the former, which sounds brilliant.


VIDEO: Tenacious D – “To Be The Best”

Tenacious D

Tenacious D – the wonder duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass – have released a new video! It’s the first taste of new, recorded material from the duo in some time, and it’s been far too long.

It’s less of a music video, and more of a prologue to their new album. Some backstory. If you’re impatient you can skip to about 4.20 for the actual song, which goes for just over a minute, but you’re better off watching the whole thing. Seeing Dave Grohl train the pair in guitar playing and ballroom dancing is a highlight. They fly on an eagle too.

Prior warning: Kyle’s little basement/den/slum scene is surprisingly graphic and slightly disturbing.

Rize of the Fenix is set for release on May 15. It’s going to be hilarious. Trust me, I heard “Roadie” when they supported Foo Fighters.