BRAND NEW: Basement Jaxx – “Raindrops”

One of the best techno/dance (or “UK house music” if you wanna be picky, I don’t care) songs I’ve heard in ages. I don’t know enough about technical terms and instruments and things to be able to properly review it or talk about it. But I’ll tell you a few things. It beats along at great pace, and it’s chorus is catchy. I remember “Where’s Your Head At”, and it was an awesome track. Almost makes you actually wanna get up and dance (or do something vaguely resembling dancing at the least).

Free download from here for as long as it’s up. It’s new, so hopefully a while.

Photo licensed under Wikimedia Commons. Credited to Mulling it Over.


BRAND NEW: The Horrors – “Who Can Say”

I had more hope for this song. After “Sea Within A Sea” left a not exactly fantastic impression on me, I thought maybe this shorter song would showcase another side to the band. It didn’t do much for me either. Maybe it’s just me. If you liked “Sea Within A Sea”, you’ll probably love this.

You can get a free download of “Who Can Say” from the Remote Control Records blog, here.

Here’s their MySpace page.

The photo was found on The Horrors Wikipedia page, by ELOdry, and is licensed under GNU Free Documentation License.

BRAND NEW: The Horrors – “Sea Within A Sea”

I’d heard of The Horrors before, but hadn’t heard their stuff. Apparently, they’re garage rock, punk, deathrock, and post punk. And that means absolutely nothing to me. :S But anyway, they’re British, have been around for a couple of years, and this is a track off their new album, “Primary Colours”.

“Sea Within A Sea” is just short of 8 minutes long, and isn’t very impressive initially. The same riff repeated over and over through the verse, with some creepy sounding effects that drone a bit doesn’t really do it for me. The vocals aren’t exactly catchy, and seem to mumble a bit. Just before halfway in the song there’s a section that differs a bit, and sounds okay like it could be a quite good bridge, and this is where the song picks up. It’s progression to the synth’s riff sounds good, and despite it’s repetition over a fair chunk of the song, it sounds alright, and should be commended for being able to do that. The drums tone down a bit towards the end of the song, allowing the synth to fade out and finish. In my opinion, if the start of the song had been a bit more catchy instead of, well, kinda boring, it’d be a much better song. But it manages to transform into something that’s alright. I dunno, maybe it’ll grow on me. We’ll see.

You can get a free download of “Sea Within A Sea” from the Remote Control Records blog, here. Though they do update it and stuff, so you’ll have to be quick. But hey! Free music. (Edit: Turns out they do update it quickly. You’ll have to listen to “Who Can Say” instead, or look up “Sea Within A Sea” on YouTube. Sorry.) Also – here’s their MySpace page.

The photo was found on The Horrors Wikipedia page, by ELOdry, and is licensed under GNU Free Documentation License.

BRAND NEW: Royal Treatment Plant – “Undercurrent”

This song is from UK indie-sounding outfit Royal Treatment Plant’s first album, “Hope Is Not Enough”.

“Undercurrent” is basically just a catchy indie track. I’m a bit tired right now to think about it too much or go into depth, but the guitars sound cool and the vocals build up to the chorus and it picks up in speed and I like it. Check it out. Oh, and the lyrics are really good too.

Get a free download for it here. If it’s still up by the time this gets posted. And check out their MySpace. Here.

Photo found on MySpace page, credited to Jodie Bailey.

BRAND NEW: Placebo – “Battle For The Sun”

This relatively new (shuddup, I’m only 12 days slow…) song from the alternative rockers known as Placebo is the title track from their soon-to-be-released 6th album.

To tell the truth, I’ve only listed to “Meds” and “Once More With Feeling: Singles 1996-2004” before, and some fans would consider this a crime. But from what I’ve heard of this new track (and also from other comments on the song), this is a return to some of their harder stuff. It sounds pretty good too.
Featuring an off-beat guitar riff at the start, it moves onto an intense chorus featuring a powerful string section. The tapping drums add a different sound to what I’ve previously heard, but in a good way. Molko’s vocals are, as usual, slightly droning, but that’s good. Some vocalists have a very distinctive sound and I like his. Overall, a pretty good track.
“Battle For The Sun” is scheduled for release on the 8th of June this year.

Luckily, the track “Battle For The Sun” was made available for free at after it’s premiere, so you can go and grab it now if you want. Not sure how long it’ll be up there for though.

Photo found onĀ Placebo Wikipedia page, is by Marcelo Teson and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License.