VIDEO: “3 Dreams of Black” and

“3 Dreams of Black” is the new track from Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi, and is from their album Rome which was released today.

Recently they released a video for it, which uses Google Chrome technology to create an interactive experience.  The video was directed by Chris Milk, and is a collaborative experience with the audience.

Huh? Wait, what?

Well, at the end of the video, you’re invited to add to the digital landscape you see as the video fades out. You can then explore it at your own leisure, and discover what everyone else has created. It’s a great idea, and it just shows how much the changing nature of the media is affecting what we consume.

Watch it/interact with it here.

Oh, and the song isn’t bad either.


FEATURE: Google deletes The Pop Cop… another blog gone.

You can read up on the full story here, but it appears, yet again, that Google have taken down another prominent music blog.

What’s worse is that it appears that the author of The Pop Cop complied with all of Google’s take-down requests in a prompt manner, yet still got removed from their service.

Here’s an excerpt from the full story:

Please email Google – – and demand that The Pop Cop blog gets reinstated so I can at least get three years of my life back and move the content elsewhere. If I don’t win this fight, I’m not sure I can bring myself to start from scratch.

If we can give enough support and get this blog back up, or at least get the author a copy of their work, we’ll be doing the blogging community a great service. If you were in this situation, you’d want all the support you could get. Let’s let Google know how we feel and support a fellow music-blogger.

A copy of my e-mail is as follows:

To whom it may concern,

It’s come to my attention that Scottish music blog "The Pop Cop" has currently been removed from your Blogger service.

According to your own terms and conditions, because The Pop Cop REMOVED all of the material which had complaints in a prompt manner, then those instances should NOT count as violations. As such, there should be no reason to remove The Pop Cop from your Blogger service.

The Pop Cop was clearly a relevant and culturally important music blog, especially in the Scotland area. If you could reinstate The Pop Cop, or even provide the author with a copy of all of their work in a .xml format, it would help show that you have a degree of common sense in the face of unfair circumstances. The author complied with all of your take-down requests, and has done nothing wrong.

Thanks for your consideration,

Jeremy Stevens

You can also join the Facebook group to support The Pop Cop here.