VIDEO: Los Campesinos! on David Letterman, and 89.3 The Current

Los Campesinos!

I didn’t write about it at the time, but Los Campesinos! had a pretty big moment recently. They made their US TV debut on David Letterman’s show. For those of you who don’t quite realise what that means – it’s huge.

Watch them perform “By Your Hand” below! It’s heart-warming to see a band I’ve followed for so long look so ecstatic at this important point in their career, and despite a slight timing issue and a couple of vocal hiccups, they do the studio version complete justice.

More recently, they also did a session for 89.3 The Current – a radio station based over in Minneapolis, who have done videos featuring some very talented artists, like Doomtree and Phantogram!

Check out the video of “By Your Hand” below, and get on over here to stream the full set and interview!


VIDEO: Los Campesinos! – “Songs About Your Girlfriend”

Los Campesinos! - "Songs About Your Girlfriend"

It may not be my favourite track from Hello Sadness, but it’s undeniable that “Songs About Your Girlfriend” was the perfect choice for the next single. It has a brilliant guitar hook, a shout-along chorus, and is the stereotypical 3.5 minute length for a single.

The video is one of their best as well. It does a great job of creating that seedy nightclub atmosphere, and the band look really quite professional in it. Let’s be honest though – Tom’s mask is a piece of art. That creepy smile adds a small dab of humour to make it all work. Kudos to director David Spearing (and the others who worked on it!) for doing such an excellent job.

And of course, the band decided to release it on Valentine’s Day – the cheek! Check it out below.

BRAND NEW/VIDEO: Los Campesinos! – “By Your Hand”

Los Campesinos - By Your Hand

Last night for those of us based in Australia, Los Campesinos! released the first track from their anticipated new album Hello Sadness. I was going to write about it then, but I was too busy listening to it on repeat with my jaw open in amazement. Until 2am. I’m sure you understand.

The track sees LC! refine their ever-present pop sensibilities, and still retain and that perpetual layer of unhappiness found beneath most of their tracks. Which is a great thing, as far as I’m concerned. I can see this as the album that propels LC! just that bit further into the international spotlight, and it’ll be about time. The world needs to hear this.

Check out the new video below, and duck over to their blog for a free download and tour dates for you lucky American and European fellows.

MIXTAPE: On The Tune Mixtape Vol. 4 – Christmas Edition

This is one of my favourite mixtapes I’ve put together for On The Tune.

Merry Christmas everyone – hope you enjoy it.

You should also go over here and check out Los Campesinos!’s post on the excellent “Too Many Flesh Suppers” which closes the mix. Over here.

I should be back early next year with some more regular content, I think.


1. British India – 90 Ways To Leave Your Lover

2. Elgen and Johnny Utah – Matchbox ft. Phatchance & Steve Hollins

3. Philadelphia Grand Jury – Save Our Town

4. Kele – Everything You Wanted (RAC Remix)

5. The Boat People – Antidote

6. Sleepwalker – Trial By Fire

7. Phatchance – The Catchy Song feat. Smiles Again, 360 & Joyride

8. Montpelier – Last Boat

9. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home (RAC Remix)

10. Alex Walker – Gotta Lose (Feat. Len Xiang and Kobie Powell)

11. Israel Cannan – One Fine Day

12. Sons of Rico – This Madness

13. Bordeauxxx – Heartstrings

14. Johnny Foreigner – Santa Fucking Claus

15. Los Campesinos! – Too Many Flesh Suppers


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