NEWS: Foo Fighters’ “million-dollar demos” make their way online

Foo Fighters - One By One

The original recordings of Foo Fighters 2002 album, One By One, were put away. Metaphorically chucked out and scrapped. Aside from the significant issues the band were experiencing internally, word is that Dave found them too boring and tame, and manager John Silva thought that the recordings didn’t quite represent the band. Drummer Taylor Hawkins referred to them as the “million-dollar demos”.

Now, a couple of full songs (and apparently some instrumentals) have appeared online from the sessions. Take a listen to the demos of “Come Back” and “Have It All” below! Definitely confused as to why they’d want to scrap the former, which sounds brilliant.


LEAK!: Johnny Foreigner – Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything

Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything

WONDERING WHY THERE’S A LEAK HERE? Well it’s not real. Check out this to find out what I joined in on.

I’m not normally in the habit of posting leaks at On The Tune, but today is a pretty special day.

Johnny Foreigner’s new album has leaked ahead of it’s November release, and I figured I may as well share it with you. You’re going to just get it somewhere else – may as well share the love, right?

It’s an album full of frenzied guitar jams, and slow-crawl acoustic numbers. If you like JoFo already, this’ll be right up your alley – this is basically the culmination of all of the work and effort they’ve put into past releases, and it shows. Pretty strong contender for Album of the Year if you ask me, provided Los Campesinos! don’t take the cake. 2011 is shaping up pretty nicely.

Artist: Johnny Foreigner
Album: Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything
Size: 64.2 Mb.

Download – Mediafire

1. if im the most famous boy you’ve fucked then honey yr in trouble
2. with who, who and what i’ve got
3. 200x
4. hulk hoegaarden, gin kinsella, david duvodkany, etc 1
5. johnny foreigner vs you
6. concret1
7. electricity vs the dead
8. jess, you got yr song so leave
9. supermorning
10. what drummers get
11. new street, you can take it
12. concret2
13. (don’t) show us your fangs
14. you vs everything
15. doesn’t believe in angels
16. the swell _ like neverwhere
17. alternate timelines piling up

Note: The track list is going off the file names, as tracks hadn’t been tagged properly.

Don’t forget to buy stuff from these guys too. Support them, go to shows, buy merch, etc. They’re brilliant artists.

BRAND NEW/NEWS: MGMT’s “Congratulations” – full stream

Ironically enough, after MGMT/Sony Records announced they were pulling the plug on the planned full stream of “Congratulations” (which was due to be available on Monday), the reasons for which neither the band nor the label explained, “Congratulations” leaked.

On their website, WHOISMGMT?, the band have said the following:

“Hey everybody, the album leaked, and we wanted you to be able to hear it from us. We wanted to offer it as a free download but that didn’t make sense to anyone but us.”

Below that little message, you can stream the whole album for free.

Is there any connection between cancelling the planned stream and the album leaking? It all seems a bit strange to me. If I was to guess at anything, I’d guess at this.

I’d guess that Sony said to them “Hey, we don’t think it’s such a good idea to let everyone stream this, web-rips will become available and we believe that will lessen the amount of initial sales the album gets on release.”

I’d guess MGMT may not be too happy about that, and may have taken matters into their own hands. As the album would be under very tight security, I can’t imagine too many people having access to it. Maybe MGMT thought “Okay, we value our fans a lot and we want them to hear our new album before they go out and buy it,” and so they decided to leak it. The leak then forced the label to agree to put a stream up, because if there’s no legal stream, people are more likely to just download the album, which is bad for them.

Alternatively, MGMT wanted to give their album away for free from the get go, but couldn’t because their label logically wouldn’t want that. The next best thing was a pre-album-launch stream, but when that was cancelled the band had no choice but to leak it.

So maybe MGMT do want people to pirate “Congratulations”. They said they want the album to be a free download. But it doesn’t matter, I doubt we’ll ever find out.

That’s all just speculation. Something to think about. It just seemed a bit odd to me and the more I thought about it the more it seemed like it could be a deliberate leak.

Also; in related news, apparently they’ve “apologised” for “Flash Delirium”. Read about it here.

Oh, and by the way, the album doesn’t sound bad at all. It’s more out-there than “Oracular Spectacular”, but I expected that. If anything, it seems to flow together well as a whole. So it may not be an album of radio-friendly singles, but as a full album it could be quite good. I guess time will tell with repeat listens.

BRAND NEW: Weezer – "(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To"

Awesome new song by Weezer that got leaked. Apparently someone at Walmart put the full track up, not the 30 second preview.
Anyway, I think this song is so catchy. The chorus goes off, I can see people singing along to this at festivals and gigs everywhere.
Grats to the Weezer guys for penning such an awesome track.

Score: 8/10

Check out a download here:

BRAND NEW: Radiohead – “These Are My Twisted Word” (Unconfirmed)

I know I just made a Radiohead related post, but… but, this is absolutely awesome news.

A song hit the internet today under the title of “These Are My Twisted Words”. It sounds genuine. 100% authentic.

Check out the post on AtEase (the fan forum) that sparked it all. Also check out the cryptic ASCII art and messages that came with it here. And there’s a release date in the .pdf for, what could be an EP. The 17th of August.

Speculation is pointing towards either the song for the New Moon soundtrack Thom was going to do something for (though I highly doubt it, I was under the impression that would be a solo effort), or, something from a new EP! Or maybe just a single. BUT! No one knows. So, let’s just be happy. Very happy!

Edit: Download is up on Stereogum at the moment. If it’s gone there’s plenty of other places to find it.

Edit2: Oh, and by the way, it sounds brilliant too.