MIXTAPE: On The Tune Mixtape Vol. 2

Hey. Got another mixtape for you here. This time it’s a mixture of bands from a few countries. You’ll also notice I decided to begin and end it with songs from Phatchance. I don’t normally put two songs from the one artist on a mixtape, but I thought it seemed appropriate. They’re both really good.

This one features a bit more hip-hop, some post-rock, some electronica, and some good ol’ fashioned indie-rock. One song has a particularly folky vibe, and another features a banjo! I’m hoping everyone can find something to enjoy in there.

Thanks again to all the great artists for the free mp3’s, and don’t forget to spread the word about the mix! Oh. And lastly, for frequent updates on mixtapes and music news/reviews, become a fan of my Facebook page here. Happy listening!


1. Phatchance – Inkstains

2. MiniBoone – Cool Kids Cut Out of the Heart Itself

3. The Trivs – Survival Guide For Forgetful Friends

4. The Walk Ons – Forget You

5. Of the Red Sea – Easy

6. Washington – Clementine

7. Timothy Nelson & The Infidels – Sleeping Alone

8. Bang Bang Boss Kelly – Lone Rider

9. Mind Over Matter – It’s Not A Secret

10. Cults – Go Outside

11. Coptic Soldier & Miriam Waks – Why Suffer

12. Sensual Harassment – Fever

13. The Words – Got No Charm

14. Chase Nation – Come Home

15. sleepmakeswaves – One Day You Will Teach Me to Let Go of My Fears

16. The Shiny Brights – Not Too Old

17. Phatchance – Mountain Of Glass


Size: 73.19 mb

Don’t know how to unzip stuff? Download 7zip here.
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By the way, all these tracks are offered up with permission from the artists and their management. It’s all completely legal. Just so you know.


FEATURE/NEWS: iiNet Win Piracy Case

Which is lucky on more than one level, seeing they’re my ISP.
But more importantly, the ramifications this has for the way ISP’s deal with the downloading of illegal content are serious.
Justice Dennis Cowdroy ruled and set the precedent that ISP’s are not responsible for their customers downloading habits.
This means that the “3 strikes” proposal is basically made impossible to implement, which is good. On the surface.
Speculation is pointing towards copyright owners now – instead of warning users and disconnecting their internet temporarily – moving straight to suing individuals. Which is not good.

I’m still wondering how long these kind of industries are going to keep kicking. There’s been various studies that show that file-sharing often benefits the musicians in a lot of ways (increased exposure leading to increased gig revenues and merch sales, etc) though leaving the “industry” slightly worse off, but considering that the musicians should be the priority, in my view, if a lot of positions in the industry are becoming useless with the leaps and bounds recording technologies are making, maybe it should be viewed as a kind of industrial natural selection.
That said, I feel sorry for TV and film industry workers, as the sharing of those kinds of mediums seems to have a more detrimental effect than a positive one (if any).