BRAND NEW: How To Dress Well – “Ocean Floor For Everything”

How To Dress Well

Last night I witnessed in real-time (thank you Twitter) the online music media scramble to publish articles on How To Dress Well’s latest track – “Ocean Floor For Everything”. It raised questions about the nature of such scrambling, but perhaps those would be best saved for another time and a more apt release. This is a great track, and the fact that it’s reaching more ears is only a good thing.

Tom Krell’s latest experimental lo-fi outing contains but a faint trace of the characteristic, and sometimes overbearing crackle and hiss of his debut album Love Remains, but fret not. The smooth, unearthly textures are still there in spades, whispering around the track and building what proves to be a grand and affecting song.

How To Dress Well’s second album, Total Loss, is due out in September (via Acéphale in North America and Weird World internationally).

Photo by Jesse Lirola.


REVIEW: Cerulean Crayons – “_BATCH1”

Unfortunately I’ve been incredibly busy lately, and On The Tune has been a bit neglected (as have the artists I’m working on reviews for – don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten any of you!). But I figured I’d do this up quickly tonight. I need to get back into the swing of making the time to post.

Cerulean Crayons is a one-man project by August Thomé, and I think his own words describe it fairly well:

“Cerulean Crayons is a music project with ambient guitar sounds recorded in a lo-fi fashion with an abundance of overdubs and little cerebral direction. It’s very lowkey, borderline dull, and the preferred listening experience would be while trying to sleep or while reading a book.”

I think “dull” sounds a bit harsh, but like some other post-rock it really can just be background music if you want. And it’s pretty good too.

“_BATCH1” is a release of 10 tracks, and it’s available for free.

August asked that I link you to Cerulean Crayon’s site: (Don’t view it in Google Chrome. Firefox works fine for me though.)

You can download “_BATCH1” for free there.