VIDEO: Grieves – “Boogie Man”


Grieves knows what he’s doing. His latest release with Budo, Together/Apart, embodied love and life, while throwing around sophisticated rhythms like they’re going out of fashion. From slow crawling beats to huge explosions, it was an album that had only a couple of misses – but when there’s 16 tracks on it, most would consider that acceptable.

Grieves is another one of the talented artists signed to Rhymesayers, and his latest video is a prime example of why.

“Boogie Man” stares you in the eyes and smirks, as it eerily builds tension. Just wait for that beat to drop.


VIDEO: Foxy Shazam – "A Dangerous Man"

Really can’t believe how cool this song sounds. Never heard of these guys before, and it isn’t exactly a new song, but I just thought I’d share because it sounds so different. Another band on my list of music to buy.

Oh, and expect an album review this afternoon (thinking of doing The Bends by Radiohead), provided I get time.

Score: 7/10