BRAND NEW: Pin Me Down – "Time Crisis"

Pin Me Down is the side project of Bloc Party lead guitarist, Russell Lissack, and former guitarist/singer of Black Moustache, Milena Mepris.

Featuring a distinctly dance-like beat and synth progression, "Time Crisis" is a song that gets going, but not to those kind of epic heights other tracks seem to reach.

That isn’t to say it’s a bad song. It’s really kinda fun. The guitar lines sound distinctly Bloc-Party-esque, which is not only something you’d expect, but also something that’s good. The vocals sound good in the chorus, despite the fact I can’t understand what’s being said. It’s simple I guess, in a way, and sometimes that’s all a song needs. Though after a few listens it does feel slightly formulaic, like Lissack and Mepris are merely ticking the boxes for a dance track. I guess it’s not mind-blowing, but it’s not a bad effort either.

Their self-title debut album is out on the 19th of April.

Score: 6/10

Grab a free download here.

REVIEW: You, Me, and Everyone We Know – double review

Okay, so I like pop-rock/pop-punk music in the same style as Fall Out Boy (some of their stuff anyway), Taking Back Sunday, etc. Phew, it’s out there. I don’t care, I think simple power-chords are catchy.

Anyway, here’s a quick review of two EP’s by a band I found on Last FM and another site one day, before I go off to do my Extension English assessment.

You, Me, and Everyone We Know are pretty catchy, and some of their songs use some pretty stock-standard techniques and sound similar to other stuff I’ve heard. There’s a few differences however.

1. Both discs I’m reviewing actually have some varying styles of songs, they aren’t all the same. They manage to develop nice hooks and create songs with different vibes.

2. Both of these discs have been released for free. Which is very nice of the band.

I highly recommend checking out these guys. Seriously. Even if you hate bands like Fall Out Boy because they’re the idols of screaming scene kids everywhere, these guys have a relatively small following, and they sound just as good, if not better. And considering it’s all for free, what’ve you got to lose?

Download "Party For The Grown And Sexy" here.

Download "So Young, So Insane" here. Scroll down a bit for the Mediafire link.

Overall score for both EP’s: 7/10