MIXTAPE: On The Tune Mixtape Vol. 5

On The Tune Mixtape Vol. 5

It’s certainly been a while between mixtapes, but hopefully this is a triumphant return to form! We’ve got something for everyone with this one. Guitar-based songs, softer tracks, a Talking Heads cover, sample-based electronic songs, hip-hop mash-ups, acoustic ditties, and some post-rock to finish everything up.

Plus, it’s all completely legal. I asked every single artist or their management if I could use the tracks. No guilty conscience for anyone involved. It feels nice, doesn’t it?

Enough of my ramblings though. Feel free to peruse this fine tracklisting and download the mixtape at your leisure. Happy listening!

P.S. Cover art is by the incredibly handsome Michael “Sea Monkeys” Forrest.

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Size: 131.09 MB


1. Winter Street – A Little More

2. The Moniters – Lights Go Down

3. The Panda Band – The Fix

4. The Deer Republic – Feel Like Dancing

5. Millions – Those Girls

6. Udays Tiger – Machine

7. Tim Fitz – Disposable Youth

8. The Dead Leaves – This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

9. Buckley Ward – So Pretend

10. Anton Franc – Letting Go

11. Air France – It Feels Good To Be Around You

12. Lion & the Lotus – Vistas De Oro

13. Gotye –  Somebody That I Used To Know (Phatchance Hip Hop Remix) Remixed by One Above

14. The Trouble With Templeton – Bleeders

15. Cheer Advisory Council – Coach

16. Solkyri – This Can’t Wait!

17. Tom Day – Home

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VIDEO: Regurgitator – “One Day”

This video really really creeps me out, but also makes me laugh a little bit.

Have you ever had the urge to just go into a room, cut up all these body parts, do a voodoo dance, then watch as the limbs and intestines move across the floor and merge together to form some giant monster thing, which then subsequently eats you, and then you escape by forcing your way out of its stomach? ‘Cause I sure know I have. I get that urge all the time.

This is the first single from their latest album, SuperHappyFuntimesFriends, which I only discovered today that you can download for free! Well, it’s “name your price”, but if you’re a poor uni student such as myself that may equate to “free”. I rationalise it by the fact that I’m gonna go and see them live on Sunday (you should probably check out the tour dates as well – MusicFeeds have them all over here). Anyway: you can get the album here if you want.

REVIEW: Links to awesome songs I found on Stereogum (because I’m too lazy to write an album review tonight and have homework because I procrastinated)

How epic is that!

On a more related note, I was thinking about reviewing a whole album before. But then I decided against it. Because I’m lazy I’d just started going through a bunch of Stereogum mp3’s, downloading the ones I want, and I thought I’d talk about them. There really is a tonne of good stuff there to look through, I’m still not finished going through it all.

Anyway, as follows are links to the articles with the songs in them, and a brief opinion and score (I did find a lot of songs, I’m just listing the ones I’ve found particularly awesome so far).

“Fake Empire” by The National – Absolutely amazing in my opinion. I’ve been quite taken by The National after hearing their album Boxer. Vocals are amazing, different from anything else I’ve heard. The piano’s timing is great, lyrically it’s interesting too. Score: 10/10 (Yeah, you heard me. It’s that good.

“Leyendecker” by Battles – I actually had this before I saw the download on Stereogum. It’s a short instrumental piece. Catchy drum beat, cool uh… electronic sounds. I’m terrible at describing music like this. The words “techno” and “electronic” are too simple to describe it properly, and I don’t know any others. But anyway, you might like it. You might not. I just think it’s catchy. Score: 8/10

“The Underdog” by Spoon – I’d heard this before, but didn’t know what it was. And I’d only heard “The Way We Get By” by Spoon before (well, as far as I know). But this is awesome. Great horn sections, great chorus, great song. Oh yeah, and it has hand claps! Score: 9/10

“Acceptable In The 80’s” by Calvin Harris – WELL I’VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU, IF YOU WERE BORN IN THE 80’S, THE 80’S! It’s time to disco boys and girls. Score: 7/10

“One Crowded Hour” by Augie March – If you don’t have this amazingly poetic and beautiful song, get it NOW. Unfortunately, I’ve only heard 2 Augie March songs I really like (this, and “The Cold Acre”). But, this is good enough for me to not care. Score: 10/10

Anyway, I’m off. Hope I’ve provided you, whoever you are, with some good listening.