VIDEO: Evidence – “Same Folks feat. Fashawn”

It’s undeniable that Rhymesayers artists have not only taken up a significant amount of my listening time over the past year, but that they’ve furthered both my notions of hip-hop and music in general – for which I am very thankful. It wasn’t all that long ago that I was completely dismissive of hip-hop. I thought it was all terrible. Since then, artists like P.O.S., Atmosphere, and most recently, Grieves, have shown me that such views were more than unjustified – they were just plain wrong.

So it makes sense that I’ve been keeping an ear out for new material from anyone on the Rhymesayers roster, because so far they’ve failed to disappoint. Evidence’s latest track continues that tradition, with bright, summery brass hooks and a great beat behind it, and it’s only getting me more excited for his sophomore record Cats & Dogs, which is set for release on the 27th of September.

Take a look below, and if you want, you can pre-order Cats & Dogs over here from Fifth Element.


VIDEO: P.O.S. – “Purexed”

I’ve been neglecting my duties to write about things I said I would. I must apologise. I’m going to make it my goal to get quite a few posts done that should have been done a while ago.

In the meantime, I’m here to share this gem of an artist with you all. P.O.S. is an American rapper, but his music really sounds different. I don’t listen to a lot of hip-hop, but I’ve never heard anything quite like it. Lyrically, I find his songs very inspiring and introspective, which is always something refreshing in music. But musically, he mixes fast drums and other less conventional instrumentation into his songs, doing something new in what can feel like an otherwise stagnating genre.

I’ve heard his praise being sung by many people, including those who I wouldn’t even begin to imagine would listen to hip-hop. I was hooked on my first listen. After watching the clip, listen again with the lyrics. It’ll be well worth your time.