VIDEO: Paul Dempsey – “Ramona Was A Waitress”

Brilliant new song from Paul Dempsey, the frontman of Something For Kate.

Something For Kate have had a tonne of amazing songs over the years in my opinion, but Paul’s solo works sound just as good. I heard/saw this song/video for the first time on the weekend and loved it.

Paul has such a distinctive voice, that seems to carry so much emotion. And the lyrics!
"And I won’t need these arms anymore
I won’t need this heart, not alone
I won’t need this skin and bones
At all"

Can’t wait to get the album.

Score (for the song): 9/10


NEWS: Les Paul, Rest In Peace.

Les Paul was a greatly influential and important man in the music industry, in terms of his development of the solid-body electric guitar, and in creating the sound of rock and roll. He passed away on the 13th of August, 2009.

Let’s hope the world does not forget the large contribution he made to the world of music.

Rest In Peace.