BRAND NEW: Basement Jaxx – “Raindrops”

One of the best techno/dance (or “UK house music” if you wanna be picky, I don’t care) songs I’ve heard in ages. I don’t know enough about technical terms and instruments and things to be able to properly review it or talk about it. But I’ll tell you a few things. It beats along at great pace, and it’s chorus is catchy. I remember “Where’s Your Head At”, and it was an awesome track. Almost makes you actually wanna get up and dance (or do something vaguely resembling dancing at the least).

Free download from here for as long as it’s up. It’s new, so hopefully a while.

Photo licensed under Wikimedia Commons. Credited to Mulling it Over.


BRAND NEW: Royal Treatment Plant – “Undercurrent”

This song is from UK indie-sounding outfit Royal Treatment Plant’s first album, “Hope Is Not Enough”.

“Undercurrent” is basically just a catchy indie track. I’m a bit tired right now to think about it too much or go into depth, but the guitars sound cool and the vocals build up to the chorus and it picks up in speed and I like it. Check it out. Oh, and the lyrics are really good too.

Get a free download for it here. If it’s still up by the time this gets posted. And check out their MySpace. Here.

Photo found on MySpace page, credited to Jodie Bailey.